Best of Falcons

Falcon Profile:falc

Name: 37 species of raptor in the genus Falco part of the family Falconidae

Where: widely distributed on all continents of the world

Info: Adult falcons have thin tapered wings – allows them to fly at high speed and change direction quickly

Peregrine Falcons: Can dive at speeds of over 320km/h – faster than a sky diver – making them the fastest moving creature on Earth

Below you will see a compilation video of the top falcon videos – showing their unique hunting abilities and speed capabilities

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Best of Wing Suit Diving

Wing suit Diver Profile:wing

What: Wing suit flying is the sport of flying the human body through the air using a special design called the wing suit.

How: It adds surface area to the human body enabling a significant increase in lift, allowing the diver to fly through the air from a high point

Below you will see a compilation video of the best wing suit dives showing the wing suit capabilities and their skills




Falconstone Castle

Wing Suit Game