The Market

The film is targeted towards pg13, action adventure, large population movie-goers, TV and VOD attracted to quality action filmmaking with top names and creative talent, wanting to see the real world of big time sports, corruption and justice.  Following the huge successes of previous action adventure heroes such as Superman, Batman, Spiderman, now there is a new hero … Falcon Man.  Franchise pictures of this nature have huge followings.  Financial successes of these are continuing and ongoing but Falcon Man involves the realistic super speed and intelligence of combat falcons, which have individual personalities matching their trainers/actors.

The market potential will be driven by a cast of recognizable names of famed sons and daughters of celebrities, for example, potential cast could be son of Schwarzenegger van Damme, Norris, Lauda, Becker, etc.   As emerging movie stars with famous family names, their appeal will be global, the young ‚ Expendables. The heritage of their names will be leveraged into considerable “free” publicity for the film as it rolls under the Fashion TV media banner.

Additionally actors such as Gerard Depardieu and Bruce Payne are in discussion to play the main roles.

The film is targeted to premier at the Cannes Film Festival in 2014, where FashionTV has rented the 700 sq. meters ground floor as fashiontv lounge, at the Majestic Hotel, in Cannes alongside with Lion Gate’s ‘The Hunger Games’ for the entire festival, 2014.