Principal location is Kreuzenstein, the surrounding grounds and roads in Leoben, 20 km from Vienna, and the Studio, where most of the shots will be made via green screen. In a hilly green area with nice winding roads, etc. with low population and traffic.   The castle is in the film located close to the grand prix circuit where one can see it by binoculars from the tower.

This is in Styria, a southern region of Austria, where Schwarzenegger’s comes from … 

 At the base of the castle there is a real falcon training and breeding center with over 60 well trained birds, and good looking trainers. Thus saving logistical work moving birds to distant locations.  Waiters, attendants, etc., etc. and other staff can be easily used to act their role in the movie. The Vienna film industry is nearby, low cost staff from Bratislava and Hungary 50 km away can be brought, and low cost hotel accommodation are around the castle. Fashiontv offices are in line of  sight, allowing if necessary live broadcasting, daily editing, postproduction and computer generated graphics can be done all in Vienna, with additional staff coming in from nearby Hungary or Czechoslovakia. FashionTV has access to a big team of computer graphics to complete the shooting, real falcons and wing suit stuntmen who are available at reasonable prices for stunts needed during the filming.

All scenes except the aircraft, airport and some grand prix circuit footage are to be filmed at the castle and the nearby grounds.  Airport shot to be done at nearby Vienna airport VIP terminal or Bratislava airport. Grand prix footage is available and special scenes to be filmed in studio. Similar to the aircraft scene. 

Green screen scenes will be filmed in Bucharest where there are replicas of castles and big green screens which allow for much action. 

Due to the logistic efficiency 30 to 45 days of filming is planned.