Superman, Spiderman, X-Men and Batman? The time has come for a NEW superhero – FALCONMAN

FALCONMAN is the 21st century reincarnation of Robin Hood. With his roots in ancient Egypt as half-man half-falcon with the third eye watching for the good of the nation. Millions are tired of getting cheated by conspiracy of bankers, brokers and bookies, working for villains and stealing everyone’s lifesavings in masses. The manipulation of sports betting in football, fashion, and Formula One is scaring everyone. FALCONMAN the new superhero better than Robin Hood saving the masses from losing all their money and falling into poverty and deprivation – FALCONMAN – Luxury meets Justice

A young impoverished aristocrat, known as Graf Horus von Falconstein, by working with his falcons and using his wing-suit flying set of skills, has created a new security force – FALCONFORCE – consisting of beautiful women with the ability to fly using wing-suits and use falcons for attacked by a Mongolian beauty – Maya – assisting FALCONMAN in his challenges. The Falconforce first gains the public attention for their incredible and daring heroic stunts, a combination of falcons and wing-suit flyers, over the elite rooftops and waters of Dubai, saving the daughter of a billionaire from the grips of kidnappers, with the help of the Falconforce girls and his beloved white falcon Diva. Newspaper headlines scream: A new superhero has taken to the skies – FALCONMAN. His grandfather is not impressed and tells Horus that the only way to save their beloved castle is to enter into a bet with the devil; Horus’ godfather – the world’s fiercest and richest tycoon – VJ. VJ lends them the money with a deadline to pay back, or give up the castle. After 5 years, the payback is due. Horus and Markus, plan a three day series of events to raise money, and pay off VJ. This was VJs plan all along, as many years ago he secretly had an affair with the mother of FALCONMAN fathering the step-brother Matthias. To keep it a secret he arranged for the mother to be killed in the fire that scarred FALCONMANs face banning him to wear the golden mask forever. This plan was also to help his own son Matthias to get control of the castle. Mathias who is spoiled rich by VJ is the Grand Prix world champion, driving for VJs F1 Team.

They invite the top society from all over the world, and stage a luxurious gala charity auction, on day two a spectacular fashion lingerie show in a flying special adapted giant airbus 380, and finally a global sports betting on Formula 1. VJ promises to help make the events a successful money raiser, but secretly VJ engages the Kingpin criminal Carlos to make sure that the event goes wrong and that FALCONMAN and the Falconforce are destroyed. Carlos however doesn’t know that VJ has a double crossing conspiracy. The first event is a luxury gala, a falcon race, and charity auction of the best falcons, on the grounds of the castle. As an army of masked men led by the master criminal Carlos descend from the skies in wing suits, terrorizing the high society guests with their many jewels – stealing them — FALCONMAN and the Falconforce defend the highly influential guests, and the Pop-star who is among the guests to entertain them.

The robbers escape through a secret tunnel and drive on their motorcycles through forest routes – FALCONMAN and the Falconforce catch him and return the jewels to the distressed party goers who watched the whole spectacle on the castle grounds. The second event is a fashion lingerie show above the skies in a converted giant Airbus 380, which would put Victoria’s Secret legendary shows to shame. Hundreds of celebrities paid millions to attend this spectacular lingerie show in the sky… Carlos hijacks the plane which is loaded with celebrities to extract millions as hostages. Horus and the Falconforce girls who are camouflaged as lingerie models, accompanied by their falcons, make a stunning and quick attack, disarming Carlos and his thugs, as many attempt to flee by jumping out of the plane with their wing suites.. Carlos is shocked as to why VJ hired such a strong security team if he wants Carlos to succeed. The Falconforce girls with their falcons catch the terrorists in midair, destroying them in free fall. Carlos manages to escape and lands in front of VJ. Carlos demands his promised payment from VJ to be paid immediately. VJ refuses Carlos – after which Carlos kidnaps him.
There is a wild chase as FALCONMAN and the Falconforce chase after Carlos to save VJ. VJ offers Carlos many millions if he will do the last event and runs off. When FALCONMAN confronts Carlos as VJ flees. FALCONMAN arrives at the scene he and Carlos have a discussion at which point they decide that the real enemy is VJ and so they decide to conspire and outsmart him together by inducing VJ to bet all his fortune and then make him lose him on the sports betting.

On the third day, the F1 Grand Prix all bets have been placed on the grand prix champion – Matthias. The whole world to the last fisherman in a Philippines village have bet their last life-savings on the obvious winner Matthias who everyone knows is the son of VJ. VJ however bets all his life-savings and assets against Matthias on another driver in order to make the real coup. Carlos suggests to VJ that he can kidnap Claire, Matthias’s fiancée and threaten to kill her and this way force Matthias to lose for sure. VJ promises to this time pay off Carlos and much more if he helps him do this last job right – especially since it is simple.
Carlos kidnaps Claire and tells VJ that everything is under control and that he should continue betting. In the last moment however Carlos tells FALCONMAN and Falconforce where Claire is and they rescue her. Matthias wins the race. Millions of people win the money which VJ has betted against – everyone is happy – the only person who is not happy is VJ. He runs off to the castle and plans to kill Matthias, Carlos and FALCONMAN.

VJ understands that FALCONMAN, Carlos and Matthias double crossed him – there is a huge fight on the roof of the castle. Falcons throw VJ off the roof. FALCONMAN, Falconforce and Carlos fly off into the full moon night in search of new adventures…