An Independent Film Opportunity

  1. Realistic story line, targeted at pg13, action adventure genre, similar to Spiderman, Batman, Superman…kids and family…
  2. The highest quality creative team behind the camera, CGI, and postproduction.
  3. Breakthrough performances for sons and daughters of famous actors, sportsman and other celebrities, in order to have their parent’s famous family name on the movie.
  4. Medium budget production to ensure commercial success
  5. International distribution by reputable sales agents
  6. International promotions on FashionTV global media and social networks, with many local fashiontv parties and events supporting the launch.
  7. Maximum VOD sales directly through FashionTV New Media and TV sites.
  8. Promotion of product placement in the movie also on FashionTV and New Media.
  9. Strong merchandising  and licensing plan
  10. Follow up sequels planned to be released each year.  Based on different mega-sports. First one is focused on grand prix car racing; next ones are on soccer, basketball, football, cricket, tennis, boxing, etc. etc.