Production Team

Executive Producer – fashiontv

Michel Adam is the president and majority owner of Fashion TV, a global tv network, reaching 500 mil homes and 500 mil new media users. With millions of fans and hundreds of promotional events per year.  He is well known in social circles globally and a man with a passion for the best.  This will be the FTV debut for fashiontv feature film division, similar to MTV, and MTV films.  Already in the conglomerate of business apart from Fashiontv are Beverages, New Media, Hotel, Clubs, Residences & Resorts, Tobacco products etc., Adam is going to head up the feature division of FTV.  Fashiontv has a big team of computer generated video graphics, thousands of hours of library related to events, parties, grand prix, etc., strong video team and postproduction capabilities producing 400 hours of video content per year.  Additionally strong relations with many production companies, and exclusive and privileged access of celebrities and global events which can be used in the film.

FashionTV will pre-promote the film, behind the scenes, organize special appearance of designers and models during the film, build up the celebrity profile of the upcoming stars through fashiontv and new media, and stage many FashionTV party events to promote the film.


The film will be directed by Anthony Hickox and in association with Terra International. Anthony Hickox is best known for his films Waxwork (1988), Hellraiser III (1992) and Prince Valiant (1997) among others. Terra International led by Norbert Blecha is best known for Known for the films Extreme Ops (2002), Metamorphosis (2007), Eye of the Widow (1991) and Courage Mountain (1990).


Shooting Dates                     Scheduled                                         February march 2014

TYPE: Action/Adventure for pg. 13.



Format                                   High Definition 16:9

Running time                                    90 to 100 minutes

Territories                             All territories available

Sales Strategy is to appoint agents per country.  Based on minimum guarantee per country payable as follows 35 percent payable into escrow, 65 percent payable prior to delivery of final approved versions. Revenue share of 65 percent for fashiontv films and 35 percent for agent.

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