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A love story of West loves East, Jews and Chinese united with violins, interrupted by the Nazi invasion of Austria in 1938. Even Hitler is not powerful enough to break the love; with many adventures and action, they make the Exodus from Vienna to reach the Next year in Shanghai.

When Hitler invades Austria in 1938, Jews must make an Exodus from Vienna. Only the Chinese Consul of Vienna, Dr. Feng Shan Ho issues thousands of Jews exit Visas to Shanghai. Fannia is a beautiful Jewish violin player from New York perfecting her violinist skills in Vienna. She falls in love with Bruce, the nephew of Dr. Ho who is a gifted violinist and a martial artist. Together they are forced into an Exodus from Vienna in an exciting adventurous trip to reach Exodus to Shanghai. On the way the Gestapo tries to stop them from reaching their dreamland and to rob them of their valuables and their lives.

This is a love story of Jews and Chinese. Together they survive and eliminate the Nazis who want to stop their Exodus to Shanghai.

Based on real events.


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